LAB prides itself in providing its clients objective and transparent business management advice. Our clients seek financial guidance and support to help them build their careers or businesses without having to constantly look over their shoulders and worry if their business team is doing what is best for them and their family. 

A Worry-Free & Hassle-Free Business Management Firm Catering to the Entertainment Industry, Executives, and Entrepreneurs (including Self-Employed Professionals), in the US and Latin America.


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Named one of Billboard's
Top Business Managers 2017, 2018,
2019 & 2020

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What is a Worry-Free & Hassle-Free Experience?

At LAB™ we are inspired when we see our clients express their full God given talents without having to worry about the business side of their profession.

Organized & In-Control

The feeling of being disorganized and out of control is a big source of frustration and overwhelm in most people’s lives. One of our first priorities when we begin a business management relationship is to gather all your financial information and organize it to know your starting point. We will help keep you organized and in-control from that day forward.  Once we know your starting point, we can move forward aligning your financial resources towards a better future.

5 Star Service


We believe that standing in the shoes of our clients and treating each client like a family member is the attitude we need to take to ensure that they are being properly served and protected.