We believe that one of our greatest values is in connecting the financial dots that very few people anticipate to mitigate risks and build wealth.  We empower people to cut the financial salesman out of the equation and to use the many low cost resources available to implement financial decisions. We take charge of collaborating and coordinating with your advisors, such as your manager, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, and other members of your professional team to make sure that all advice is executed flawlessly. 


We Want Our Clients to Feel Financially Guided and Protected So They Can Focus Their Time On Their Occupassion™, Family, and Health.


1. Treat It Like Your Own (No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care)


2. It’s Not What You Know That Matters, It’s What You Do (Execution equals results)


3. Dive 'Till You Touch Bottom (Don't use a Band-Aid approach to solve a problem, get to the root cause).


4. The ABCD's of Business Management

(Always Be Connecting Dots)


5. No Que No (There is always a solution to every problem)


6. Turn the Turtle (No one is ever left behind, ever)


7. We've Never Seen a U-Haul Behind a Hearse (Life is short – You can’t take things with you)


We Believe that Financial Intelligence Always Come From Trying to Connect the Dots That No One Else Anticipates


We Insist That All Communication Be Transparent
 To Gain Your Trust


We Provide a Team Effort for Each Client to Create a Worry-Free and Hassle-Free Experience


We Never Lose Sight of the Big Picture to Keep Perspective on What Truly Matters Most


Louis Barajas

Business Manager / Founder

Louis Barajas is the chief financial officer and business manager for all clients at the firm. He is an internationally recognized expert in financial and business issues. His unique experience of helping the ultra-rich to the person in need gives him a unique human perspective in the world of finance. This unique experience has been expressed in 5 books, many keynote addresses and interviews around the globe. Louis’ priorities are his family, faith, and his firm.

Angie Barajas

Business Manager

Angie is an owner and partner of the LAB Companies. She prides herself in managing the firm’s operations and staff to guarantee that all clients are being served by our firm’s vision and guiding principles at the highest standards possible. Angie enjoys cooking for her family, spending time with friends, traveling, and taking care of her Yorkie, Daisy.

Ashley Romero

Managing Director

Ashley works closely with Angie to ensure that the day to day needs of our business management clients are taken care of expeditiously. When not at work, Ashley likes to spend time with her family, play jazz on her trumpet, and cuddle with her dogs. She has a passion for music and finding the next best place to eat.

Jackie Canas

Client Manager

Jackie ensures that the needs of our business management clients are taken care on a day to day basis by working closely with Angie.  Jackie enjoys watching sports, staying active by going to the gym and finding new trails to hike.  She also enjoys being creative in the kitchen, spending time with her family and cuddling with her dogs.

Jerry Olivares

Client Manager

Jerry, originally an Engineer by trade, always looks for ways to create customized services to give our business management clients client’s a worry-free and hassle-free experience. Jerry has a great passion for cooking and enjoys crafting old recipes and making them his own. Just as much as he enjoys cooking, he also enjoys playing sports and exploring the great outdoors with his son and daughter.

Jazmyn Cano-Casas

Client Manager

Jazmyn graduated from Marymount California University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science. She works on the high-pressure day to day activities for our touring artists in the music industry.  While initially she was going to enter the health care industry she found that artists needed just as much care and attention than patients.  In her spare time she likes cuddling with her 3 dogs, online shopping and spending time with her family.

Christy Melendez

Client Manager

Christy works closely with clients to make sure there needs are taken care of. On her time Christy enjoys spending time with my kids and god kids. Christy is very creative and always looks forward to planning a decorating the next big party.

Eddie Romero

Innovation Manager

Eddie is the firm’s innovation manager. He works closely with Louis to convert his ideas into visually stunning diagrams for all our right-brained creative people that we call “clients.”  Eddie also assists Louis with his media company in helping bring financial literacy to those who don’t have the resources to hire a financial planner. Eddie enjoys spending time with his daughter, Emma,  listening to music and working out.